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Ascaya Luxury Housing Project

Ascaya Luxury Housing Project

Ascaya is a troubled luxury housing project. The massive once-abandoned development in the Henderson area is etched into the side of the McCullough mountain range. It’s easy to spot from the sky, southeast of the Strip, and not far (when viewing from a plane seat, that is) from the M Resort. The Ascaya project was designed to provide 331 lots for high-end mansions. It was shut down and barricaded in 2009 after more than $200 million was spent on blasting into the mountainside to construct housing pads and connecting roadways. 

Now that we're undergoing a housing boom, things seem to have turned around and sales at Ascaya are climbing. Famous names like Gene Simmons and Raiders owner Mark Davis have purchased property here, proving that just about anything can be a success with enough patience and time. 

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