The Las Vegas Raiders have a wild brawl with the Cowboys, Kurt Busch reveals what it was like to meet Michael Jordan for the first time and Liz Cambage starts an Onlyfans account. Let's break it down

#4 Kurt Busch reveals what it was like meeting Michael Jordan

#4 Kurt Busch reveals what it was like meeting Michael Jordan

Las Vegas native Kurt Busch will be driving for 23XI Racing in 2022, meaning he will once again have new team owners to impress. One of those bosses just happens to be Michael Jordan, who apparently made it clear what he expects out of the former champion when they first met in Sonoma. In fact, he outright told Busch that the expectation was to win.

"I mean, he is the GOAT. The situation, the way it all came together, it was this impressive meeting out in Sonoma earlier this summer. Right away, I got along with him. Just with the way, he was chill but also presented this aura about him. 'We will win. We are here to win. This is what this is about,'" Busch remembered Jordan telling him. "And it was like, 'Yes sir.' He's like, 'Don't call me sir.' I said, 'Alright, let's win.'"

Busch also revealed that Toyotac was working behind the scenes for a veteran driver to come to 23XI Racing and help grow their program. Whether it ends up working out that way or not remains to be seen and will depend on how 23XI Racing prepares for the upcoming season, but they do have a year of experience under their belt this time.

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