The uniquely candid country star is headed to STONEY'S ROCKIN' COUNTRY on July 8th.

"My philosophy has always been, I just hope to have a good enough year that I can have a next year while staying as true to myself as I possibly can.”- David Nail

Popular comedian Carrot Top often has a field day riffing on country music. He skewers the down-home crowd with jokes about NASCAR, cornbread, and chicken. Still, he loves the genre, celebrating its sounds of heartache, breakups, and pickup trucks in an extended sequence that brings roars from the crowd.

Singer/songwriter DAVID NAIL covers subject matter much deeper than drinking beer. The Grammy-nominated artist is known for baring his personal demons and the struggle to overcome them. Heartfelt, soulful, and packed with emotion, Nail finds strength in his music and the ability to share it with his audience.

At forty-three years of age, the southeast Missouri native already has a career that spans two decades. He first began recording albums for the MCA Nashville label, an association that lasted through 2017. During that time he collaborated with artists on the scope of Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney. However, his upward success was interwoven with a personal battle against mental illness.

 It wasn't always apparent to casual fans that Nail was having a tough time, but titles such as "I'm About To Come Alive", "The Sound of a Million Dreams", "I'm a Fire" and "FIghter" might have provided clues. Suffering from depression and ADD, he managed to push forward while always using his songs as an outlet. 

"My story's no secret. I've been always forthcoming with the battles that I've had and continue to have. It's bittersweet. I hate for anyone to feel the way I have but I sympathize with them."

"I'm also glad that there's someone like myself that can hopefully change the stereotype on mental illness...and allow people to realize that you can't just go somewhere and get some medicine. It's an everyday struggle and an everyday battle. I may not win the war, but by gosh, I'm gonna win a couple of battles along the way". - David Nail on FollowFITZ

Wanting to stay true to his inner voice without the pressure of corporate guidelines, David's next step after leaving MCA Nashville was "David Nail and the Well Ravens", a new group he formed with friends Jason Hall and Andrew Petroff. Their first album, entitled "Only This And Nothing More" came out in the fall of 2018. It was released independently, i.e. without the involvement of a major record label.

 Writing with urgency, he penned "Oh, Mother", an emotional statement to his mom, intended to relieve her from feeling responsible over his condition. Then came "Bootheel", an ongoing project that presents songs inspired by David's life in the "boot heel" region of his home state. David entitled the first collection "Bootheel 2020", followed by "Bootheel 2021" a year later. 

David Nail - Oh, Mother (Acoustic) // Fireside Sessions

David Nail's latest release is called "Sunset Carousel", and he seems especially proud of how it turned out. "Thanks for all the love on my new song, “Sunset Carousel.” It means the world! It's hard to contain my excitement...without a doubt, the most excited I’ve been for a song since “Night’s on Fire” was released."

Nail has also been busy this year by touring the country, from New York and Chicago to Tennessee and California. He stops in Las Vegas for one night only on July 8th, hitting the stage of STONEY'S ROCKIN' COUNTRY inside Town Square at 10 pm. Tickets are $25 for those 18 and over, and $15 for audience members 21 and over. No one under 18 will be admitted. VIP meet-and-greet packages are available starting at $45. Click HERE for details and to purchase tickets. 

STONEY'S ROCKIN' COUNTRY is located at 6611 South Las Vegas Boulevard, next to AMC Theaters. Call (702) 435-2855 for more information on this and other shows. 

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