How can you keep track of things in Sin City when the names keep changing?

I highly recommend that you don't read this article if you're experiencing a hangover....or in Vegas terms, "the morning". Grab a coffee, wait until your head clears, then come back....because you might find the next few paragraphs a little hard to follow. Apparently, that's what the eggheads in higher positions want, because the moment a place or service is ingrained in your brain cells, it's rebranded into something else. Thanks for nothing, guys!

Here are some of the biggest head-scratchers in the word-salad world of THE VEGAS NAME GAME. Don't say you weren't warned. 

Imperial Palace Hotel-Casino officially opened on November 1st, 1979. It was an expansion of the Flamingo Capri, which had operated on that site since 1969. Despite overwhelmingly negative response to online surveys, the resort was renamed THE QUAD in 2012. A year later, The Linq Promenade shopping/dining/entertainment district opened between THE QUAD and Flamingo Resort. Finally realizing in 2014 that "quad" represented the numeral four, which is considered to be bad luck by valued Asian gamblers, the property was given a hideous paint job and retitled The LINQ Hotel....not to be confused with Linq Promenade

Remember that people actually get paid to make these decisions. 

MGM Resorts wasn't about to be outdone by Caesars Resorts when it came to playing the name game. Their answer to The LINQ Promenade was The Park Vegas, an outdoor line of shops and restaurants leading from the Strip to Toshiba Plaza and T-Mobile Arena. It's situated between New York NY hotel and the former Monte Carlo, which was about to be rebranded as the PARK MGM. That consistently causes confusion, as MGM Grand is across from Park MGM

Obsessed with using the word "park" anywhere they could slap it down, the geniuses in charge changed the name of the newly-expanded MGM Resorts Theater to "Park Theater". In October 2021, it was announced that the name would be changed again to "Dolby Live at Park MGM". 

In 2010, shareholders approved a name change from MGM Mirage to MGM Resorts International. It was a pretty prescient move, considering that the Mirage is being sold to Hard Rock International for over one billion dollars.  Dropping "Mirage" from the title necessitated a rebranding of their rewards program from "MGM Mirage Players Club" to "M-Life Rewards". This month it was announced that the program would be receiving yet another new name - MGM Rewards - albeit with greatly reduced benefits to members who gamble. Read about that dastardly move here

THE HANGOVER - Warner Bros. Pictures

THE HANGOVER - Warner Bros. Pictures

Blame 2009's box office smash The Hangover for the next name change:

Alan: You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace, is it?

Hotel Receptionist:  What do you mean?

Alan: Did, umm... did Caesar live here?

Hotel Receptionist: No.

Alan: I didn't think so.

Entrepreneur Bill Harrah's legacy began as a small Reno bingo parlor in 1937. The business eventually grew, and Harrah's Inc. was founded in 1971. Feeding off the sudden name recognition for Caesars Palace in "The Hangover", the company rebranded itself as Caesars Entertainment in 2010. That meant the inevitable switch from Harrah's Total Rewards to Caesars Rewards in 2019. 

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