Vegas-born restaurant chain will change your idea of "good for you" food.

The fitness culture of Sin City is huge….and constantly growing. Of course, we’ve got hundreds (if not thousands) of models, athletes, acrobats, dancers, and other performers who call Las Vegas “home”.  If you think these fine physical specimens get by on a boring diet of broccoli and smoothies, you’d be wrong. For exciting meals that fit their demanding lifestyle, the hip and health-conscious have embraced SkinnyFATS. Now, this locally-born collection of exciting restaurants is expanding to other states.

The slogan for SkinnyFATS is “Live healthy. Live happy”. That second phrase is what sets SkinnyFATS apart from stodgy “clean eating” establishments. You’ll know you’re in for fun the moment you walk in the door and are greeted with a chorus of “hello!” and “welcome!”. That positive attitude is enhanced with colorful decor, carefully-selected music, and a relaxing, inviting design. The restaurants are counter-service style but you’ll still feel pampered from the ordering process to your final bite.

Everything at SkinnyFATS represents their business philosophy….especially the very affordable menu. Certain choices are considered to be indulgent, so the menu is divided between a “Healthy Side”  (selections under 600 calories) and a “Happy Side”, i.e. those that aren’t. Yet even those supposedly naughty choices are whipped up with beneficial twists.

SkinnyFATS starts each day with luscious breakfasts. The ScramBowl is an egg-white scramble made with turkey bacon, zucchini, mushrooms, caramelized onion, and cherry tomatoes. Packed with flavor and protein, this hearty bowl has only 295 calories. Healthy Side choices include Cluck Moo, an egg white omelet with shaved NY steak, caramelized onion, and avo pico, and Berry Strong, a protein waffle topped with berries, strawberry chia jam, orange agave, and turkey bacon.

Happy Side breakfasts include S’motherload, a burrito filled with filet mignon, sausage, fajita peppers, potato, and eggs, then smothered with cajun cheddar sauce and pico. Perhaps the meat-lover in you catches a glimpse of Steak Eyes 2.0, an intriguing plate of country-fried filet medallions and two eggs served with jalapeno cornbread and gravy.

For lunch, you’ve gotta try TOMato Cruise, an amazing soup that’s the freshest and richest you’ll ever slide your spoon into. This vegan delight is topped with 9-grain croutons and boasts a calorie count of only 230. You can add a Grilled Cheese Sandwich to make it a complete meal.

If you’d like to whet your appetite with crunch and heat, try CauliFIRE, a spicy vegan/gluten-free shareable of cauliflower, buffalo sauce, pico, and cilantro. Gobballs are turkey meatballs flavored with spicy arrabbiata sauce, pesto, and roasted tomatoes. Seafood lovers will adore Pimp Shrimp, a cucumber boat filled with tempura shrimp, cilantro slaw, and avo pico.

Once you’re ready for the main course, dive into dozens of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and “Things In Bowls”. Remember….nothing here is ever ordinary. Turnip Tacos serve an insane combination of filet mignon, jicama, pico, and habanero lime crema inside two wheat tortillas. Gluten-free Smoke In A Bowl piles agave barbecued chicken, peppers, onions, black bean salsa, pineapple and cilantro yo over a bowl of jasmine rice. T.A.T.S. reimagines the BLT as a low-cal winner with turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, spinach, and spicy yo on 9-grain bread.

If you’re on the way to the gym or just need a kick, fresh juices like Liquid DefenseHangover Remedy and Green Mile will have you at your best in no time. Of course, naughty grab-and-go cookies like Chocolate ChunkSalted Caramel, and Lemon Blueberry are also ready for your eager hands.

Come by often to discover the latest beers on tap and their featured "Sunday Sundae". Previous hits include Strawberry Cheesecake Quesadilla stuffed with Nutella and Fruity Pebble Cannolis with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate sauce. 

Demand at the original flagship shop near Allegiant Stadium led to it being renovated and expanded in size. There are currently five locations in Vegas, with one in Salt Lake City and another coming to Denver, Colorada. The goal is for SkinnyFATS to be in every state. So even when you go back home, you'll eventually be able to enjoy a taste that's uniquely Las Vegas. 

SkinnyFATS is open daily. Hours vary by location. Pick-up and delivery are available. Breakfast is served all day.

Photos: SkinnyFATS, Vegas411

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