For Sin City residents, it really is okay to say "no" to friends and family.

For many, the holiday season is a special time to welcome friends and family into our homes. We host parties, plan grandiose dinner gatherings, and invite loved ones to stay and experience holiday joy together. And that's great.

But if you happen to live in Las Vegas, people expect you to be a 24/7 hotel, host, and taxi service. They somehow seem to forget that we have jobs, daily responsibilities, and routines. It's not unusual for us locals to stay away from the Strip for months on end....the novelty wore off a long time ago. 

If you're somebody who LOVES to host, then more power to you. I'm not one of those folks, and it isn't right for anyone to expect me to be. Would cousin Ernie in Pitchfork, Oklahoma use his precious vacation time to be my personal tour guide for a week? Most likely not. It works both ways, guys and gals. 

Don't misunderstand the point...we want you to visit, see everything there is to see, and spend lots of money to boost our economy. But no, we can’t automatically set our responsibilities aside because you’re headed our way. Don’t assume that we can, or that we even want to. We might want to spend our valuable free time doing something else. So don’t be offended if we say “Enjoy yourself and get home safely”.

Here is a list of ten frustrating situations that Las Vegas residents face on a regular basis. Please keep them in mind if you know somebody who lives here. Be kind, be considerate, and you’ll likely get that in return.

This is your reality. Not ours.

This is your reality. Not ours.

1. No, I won’t pick you up from the airport. We have countless taxis, Uber, and Lyft drivers waiting for you and all your shit.

2. No, you can’t stay at my house. There are literally hundreds of hotels here that you can afford. I wouldn’t ask to stay at your house.

3. No, I can’t get free tickets to shows. Locals have to pay for them like everyone else.

4. No, I can’t take time away from work to show you around. Why should I use MY precious vacation days for YOUR vacation?

5. No, I don’t have any hot gambling tips. Most of us who live here don’t go into the casinos. 

6. Don’t ask me where to take your kids. The answer will be “back home”.

7. Don’t expect me to pick up the entire tab if we meet for dinner or drinks. I could be in my kitchen making an economical meal. You’re the one with a discretionary vacation budget.

8. I can’t introduce you to any celebrities. What makes you think I have Celine Dion on speed dial?

9. Please refrain from telling me how shocked you are that we have schools, grocery stores, and churches. Don’t you have them where you live?

10. Don’t contact me just to tell me that you’re heading to Vegas when I haven’t heard from you in years.

Have a great time and come back again!

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