Socialite Jackie Siegel celebrates her new reality TV series with champagne, music...and a few well-placed balloons.

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Perhaps you've seen the infamous documentary THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES? A somewhat uncomfortable expose, the critically-acclaimed film (95% on Rotten Tomatoes) was so cringeworthy that its central figures sued for defamation. They lost. Nevertheless, Jackie and David Siegel are back as willing participants in a sequel series entitled QUEEN OF VERSAILLES REIGNS AGAIN. And this time, the billionaire couple is calling the shots. 

As owners of Westgate Resorts, the Siegels have become synonymous with their Las Vegas hotel-casino. They're known to throw lavish parties and host a wide variety of philanthropic events. So it's only fitting that they'd utilize Sin City's most retro-chic destination for the launch of the new Discovery+ reality show. And what an exercise in excess it was!

Both the film and television show cover Jackie's obsession to build a gaudy, opulent mansion in the Orlando area. Stalled by last decade's financial crash, the unfinished structure has been decaying and literally falling to pieces. Now that the family is "back in the money", they're suddenly in a race to occupy the mansion before patriarch David's health deteriorates further. Jackie also envisions Versailles (the estate's proper name) as a type of castle in which future generations of workers will serve the Siegel descendants and their needs. 

Such Trump-like nouveau riche tackiness might be considered offensive (it is), yet the docu-series plays the situation for laughs. Music, editing, and reactions from those around the Siegels make it very clear that they might be somewhat clueless about their outrageous expectations...yet they're somehow also in on the joke. The children especially are candid about Mom's offbeat demands, including an aviary in the breakfast room and flamingos in the yard.

Vistors to Westgate Las Vegas were in for an eye-popping treat this week as central figures from QUEEN OF VERSAILLES REIGNS AGAIN greeted celebrities during a splashy event. Held in the casino outside the legendary International Theater, the gathering provided photo-ops for entertainers from a number of Westgate productions. Magician Jen Kramer joined performers from Soul of Motown and The Bronx Wanders on the red carpet.

Invited guests then gathered inside the Westgate Cabaret. They received a pink VERSAILLES gift bag and snacked on gourmet popcorn while watching Episode One with the entire Siegel family, with one notable absence. Sadly, daughter Victoria passed away a few years from a drug overdose at the age of fifteen. 

Since that time, the parents and siblings have dedicated their time to fighting drug abuse. They created Victoria's Voice Foundation in her honor. Victoria's loss played a significant part in the evening's proceedings, lending a distinctly human element to what might have otherwise been viewed as a display of privilege over substance.

Members of the press, participants in the series, and representatives from Discovery+ were also on hand. When the lights came up, the family gathered onstage. Host Gordon Prouty took questions from the audience over shouts of "We love you, Jackie". The matriarch was presented with a bouquet, and even one of the family dogs had its moment in the spotlight.

An exclusive after-party was held at the Tuscany Suite, one of three astounding Sky Villas that we recently featured here. Dancing, a photo booth, cocktails, and delicious cuisine from the Westgate culinary team were all part of an impressive finale worthy of a queen and her court.

Producers Alan and Kathi Glist (left) with Westgate Las Vegas President Cami Christensen and VP of Relations Gordon Prouty

 To learn more on QUEEN OF VERSAILLES REIGNS AGAIN, head over to the Discovery+ website.

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